IJburg in EnglishLearning in a community, about yourself, and the world around you. That’s the mission of our high school.
We at IJburg College believe that learning is not something which you can do on your own. That is why we have created our school as a learning community.
The IJburg College, which is situated on a peninsula just off the coast of Amsterdam, was founded in 2006 and is modelled on the US concept of the Charter School.

Innovating public education

Like Charter Schools we are a publicly funded school, which is open to all students. We are pioneers and innovators within the Dutch educational system. We are committed to improving public education and creating an inspiring and appealing place for teachers to work. And most importantly: we strive for academic excellence and social coherence inside our school, and within the community of which we are a part.

True learning experiences

To create true learning experiences you need to be a part of a community. A community of students who are focused on their own, and each other’s personal and academic growth. A community with educators who not only encourage their students to acquire knowledge, but who also help students to reflect critically on their own work.

Mixed groups

During the first and second year of high school, our students are not divided into classes according to academic achievement and aptitude. Having students of different academic levels working in the same classroom is exceptional within the Dutch school system. Generally students are divided into vocational, middle and higher level education when they go to high school at the age of twelve.
During their first two years at IJburg College our students work in mixed, non-selective groups. The teachers strive to challenge each student at his, or her own level. This mixed groups system makes it easier for students to grow academically.
At a regular school students would have to change classes, or even schools if they start working at a different level. At our school this isn’t necessary: Students can even take different topics at different levels, which is a very rare phenomenon in the Netherlands.

Beyond the walls of the school

At IJburg College we also believe that learning is not exclusively done by studying textbooks. Real learning extends beyond books and even beyond the walls of the school. That’s why the teachers at our school try to incorporate real life experiences into their classroom practises.
Our teachers invite external experts into the classroom to instruct the students about a specific topic, and to give the students feedback on the work they have done. Our teachers also create many opportunities for students to venture out into the real world. This way they can see for themselves how they can apply their knowledge in real life.

But, don’t take our word for it!

We hope that this short introduction has given you an idea of what our school stands for, but we wouldn’t be IJburg College if we wouldn’t say: Don’t take our word for it! Come and experience our learning community for yourself! See you at IJburg College.